The Academy

AVK Holding established The Academy in September 2016. The Academy is an in-house training facility with a 40-seater seating capacity. The institute showcases an impressive flow lab that demonstrates the flow of water through a series of valves allowing attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of water-related processes. Since its establishment, two courses have been launched; The Valves Fundamentals Course, which provides a sound introduction to acquiring essential knowledge of valves, in theory, and practice, and The Advanced Valves Course which provides greater insight into principles and practices that address the theories of fluid pressure, fluid flow, and field applications. Following on the success achieved with the Valve Fundamentals Course (2016) and the Advanced Valves Principles and Practice Course (2017). The Academy took cognisance of the requests from trainees to expand the training to include subjects that lead to valve failures and other valve-related issues developing and introducing a third course, “Technical Process Course for Valves”. Each course is registered through ECSA and qualifies for 2 CPD points for professionals (SAIMechE-1578-12/25 - SAIMechE-1579-12/25 -SAIMechE – 1418-11/23).