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Welcome to AVK SA

AVK is a global market leader manufacturing and supplying valves and hydrants in more than 100 countries. AVK Southern Africa (AVK SA), part of the AVK Group plays a significant role in the water and industrial industries across Southern Africa. AVK SA’s Water, Industrial and Projects Divisions ensures the distribution and refurbishment of 11 of its own product brands. Employing less than 200 people, AVK SA is headquartered in Johannesburg with sales offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

All AVK factories are continuously subject to quality improvement and certification as part of AVK’s focused quality management efforts. In the Quality Management System, every process affecting the quality of the products or services complies with the procedures documented in the Quality Manual, just as all products are inspected and/or tested to existing standards before leaving any AVK factory.

We believe in quality, in every step.

AVK SA, Gauteng

AVK SA, Cape Town


AVK Holding Southern Africa established


AVK Southern Africa employs approx. 200 people

1 site

3 factories and a distribution centre in Johannesburg, South Africa


We supply to all Southern Africa Countries/African countries


AVK Southern Africa corporate video

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