The AVK Group is a truly leading, global organisation with factories and sales subsidiaries on all continents. Therefore our supplies into Africa has taken place both locally from our factories in South Africa but also by following international project funding and contractors into the African continent – supplying product solutions meeting technical requirements as well as country of origin matching project funding requirements.Our UK company Glenfield Valves has a long heritage in Africa with thousands of installations around Africa of which some date back at least to 1900. Our solutions covers both “Dams, Reservoirs & Hydropower”, “Municipal Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment” as well as “Industrial Applications”. Here you can open the segment areas that is of interest to you – and see just a few examples of our massive footprint in Africa


Install Base Africa - Dams, Reservoirs & Hydro Schemes

The reference list can be used as valuable sales tool indicating our involvement in the Water Industry from as early as 1913 right through to 2021. Showcasing various projects where AVK through their reputable and well-known brands reconfirms AVK’s commitment to the water industry.


Water Reference List

The AVK Water reference list showcases installations and our commitment to take potable water from transmission pipelines into reservoirs and from there into every tap in every home.


Industrial Reference List

AVK through our R&D and vast experience took a confident leap into the industrial market segment. AVK up to this point was very focused on the Water Industry and now have expanded our footprint into the industrial arena with great success and through strategic acquisitions secured well known and reputable brands with products to adequately support and advance the industrial segment.